Scott and His Approach


Meet Scott

Scott Andrew is a true Native Californian…ever exploring, lover of the journey and the moment, embracing the beauty of every detail and reveling in the vast expanses.  Fascinated by scholars yet humbled by pre-schoolers.  Ever immersed in seeing, stepping back, and viewing in uncanny ways.  Oxford comma user.  Lover of great design, nostalgia, family recipes, and the San Francisco Giants.  Owner of too many film cameras.  Surfer.  Smitten with wanderlust.  Indelibly in touch with the Creator of all things.  A perfectionist who embraces imperfections.  Curator of well made shoes and boots.  Will drop everything when friends or family need him.  Father of Eden, Huntley, and Holden.  Deeply in love and intrigued by his wife, Cheryl, of over sixteen years.  In love with love.


To provide discerning clients with photographs that they will treasure for years to come.  To provide an experience that is unparalleled and personable.  To create art with every element that surrounds me. 


Do you see yourself in my photogaphs?  That is always one of the first questions I ask prospective clients, yet there should be some tension in that question.  My endeavor is for the photographs I create to cross the boundaries of the ethereal and the authentic, to be timeless yet completely contemporary, to be tradtional and fearless.  The way we approach your photographs will bring this vision to life.  Here are some notes I've made on my approach to photographing weddings in various locales.

City Weddings

Our approach to weddings in the city is simply to capture the moments as they unfold throughout the day while carving out time for gorgeous portraits in the best light and location possible.  Often times weddings in the city are photographed in a style that portrays them as bold and pretentious when nothing could be further from the truth of that couple’s persona.  Simply because a wedding is sophisticated and luxurious does not mean that it has to portray pretense.  Capturing the beauty of moments, sophisticated details, warmth and intimacy that can be found even in a city setting is our ultimate goal.  

Wine Country, Estate, and Outdoor Weddings

The approach that we take with our wedding commissions in outdoor venues, particularly wine country and private estates, is to allow the natural, ethereal feel of the day to show in every photograph. We will capitalize on the best lighting situations and locations to create a look that is soft and romantic, ethereal yet tangible.  Creating a sophisticated gallery of photographs in open and airy outdoor spaces along with documenting the moments as they unfold throughout the day is something that we pride ourselves in.

Destination Weddings

There is nothing that compares to the intimacy of a destination wedding.  When you and your loved ones have taken the time and effort to travel afar to celebrate vows of love, something truly special takes place. We are always incredibly honored and humbled that any client would fall in love with our work so much that they would bring us (or Scott alone) to their destination to capture their celebration.  Our approach to destination weddings is to document the feeling, the emotion, and the incredible connection that takes place when everyone has had a few days to “forget about home” for a while.  While on commission for any destination wedding we try to spend time photographing the area, the local culture, significant landmarks and anything that grabs our eye while immersed in the area.  These photographs are included in your gallery as keepsakes from the journey.

Rates and Booking Process

In order to maintain the highest level of artistic integrity and quality along with a boutique level of client attention, Scott Andrew Studio books only a limited number of commissions annually.  If you’re interested in booking Scott Andrew please contact us via email, contact form, or phone/text today.  The next step is to set up a time to meet in-person and get to know each other and learn more about your special day. We realize that many clients may have found Scott’s work in a magazine or online and might not live somewhere that is convenient for an in-person consultation.  If this is the case we would love to schedule a consultation via phone or Skype/Facetime at your convenience.

Albums and Prints

One of the greatest joys of being your wedding photography studio is capturing memories and moments that will become family heirlooms.  There is something special about seeing your photographs in a tangible print and the action of turning the pages of a beautiful, handcrafted album.  We want each and every one of our clients to have something tangible to experience, to share with friends and family for years to come.  From proof prints, linen albums to fine art prints on archival paper we take great pride in providing our clients with quality, beautiful, handcrafted goods.

Creative Thoughts

Your wedding day is a “one time” event in which much thought, work, intention, emotion, and love goes into. When you commission an artist to photograph or capture video from your special day, you are preserving the moments of that day. You are an integral part of that process. Every conversation, every expectation that is “placed on the table”, and every connection you make with us will only lead to a greater feeling of collaboration in preserving moments for a lifetime. Years of dedication to our craft and our clients is what you are commissioning us for. We take incredible pride in providing not only beautiful photographs, memories, cinematic films, but in making connections with our clients so that you are completely at ease on your wedding day.

For Photographers

Whether you’re wanting to learn more about shooting film, just starting out with a new digital camera, or ready to take your own photography studio to the next level...Scott offers workshops, one-to-one personal mentoring and teaches at numerous industry meetings and conventions throughout the calendar year.  Please view the blog and other social media outlets for announcements or feel free to contact the studio to learn more.